Who is Concierge CBD?

We provide premier hemp product consulting services customized to meet each client’s individual needs. It is our mission to share our expert knowledge of the best practices, science, benefits, and administration of CBD. Educating one drop at a time!

How can Concierge CBD help?

Below are a few common questions about CBD.

Are you ready to learn more about organic CBD and how CBD can help you and your loved ones? Then you are in the right place!

What is CBD?

How Much CBD do I Take?

Will I Get High Taking CBD?

Is CBD Safe?

What should I look for when purchasing CBD?

Green Compass Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

Is CBD Pot?

How do I take CBD?

Can Children Take CBD?

Where can I safely purchase CBD?


What People Are Saying About Concierge CBD

Concierge CBD - CBD Testimonial

His teacher has emailed me that he has had great days with improved focus! He is reacting less to frustrations. He said he has been feeling more focused and less angry since starting CBD!

A Happy Parent & Child


Concierge CBD - CBD Testimonial

I can sleep! I was able to stop taking prescription medication for sleep that always had me feeling so groggy the next day! Thank you so much for introducing me to CBD!

Sleeping Like A Dream


Concierge CBD - CBD Testimonial

It’s strange after starting the full spectrum CBD I started to notice that I was less anxious. Things that would normally bother me were not bothering me. I am less stressed and sleeping better.

Happy Customer


Kelly Venuti - Concierge CBD - CBD Consulting

Why we are different

At Concierge CBD we have the philosophy that “one size does not fit all”. It is our passion to educate our clients on the endless benefits and uses of cannabinoids (CBD) derived from the industrial hemp plant. We have over 20 years of experience providing integrative care utilizing holistic and natural options to obtain optimal health.

What do I need to know when buying CBD?

CBD Quality


Look for the highest quality raw materials.
CBD Farming


Choose products that are made from organic and compliant domestic hemp farms.
CBD Transparency


Do your research! Does the company freely discuss its ingredients, extraction methods, and farming practices?

CBD Reliability


Select products from companies confident enough to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Green Compass Difference

USDA Certified Organic Soil and Products

US Hemp Authority Certified - USDA Certified Organic

20% discount

Preferred customers receive a 20% discount.

Free Shipping

Earn free shipping with every third order. 1 – 2 – 3 is free!

Free Samples

Free samples with all orders!

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Want to get started but not 100% sure if it's the right fit? Book a complimentary 10-minute consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help!

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